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Alternative of DigitalOcean and Vultr

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DigitalOcean and Vultr provide VPS but there is lots of drawback or you just want to move from them or chose other alternative then you can select this VPS company who is trusted and their speed is much fast.


Dewlance is a good alternative of  both company because of their server is not over-sold like other companys and they are old hosting market players and trusted..

Benefit of Choosing Dewlance is Fast speed, non-oversold server, various payment method while DO and Vultr only accept credit card or PayPal but Dewlance accept more than 8+ Payment gateways and setup process is also so easy.


Issue with DigitalOcean and Vultr

- Oversold server and slow speed.

- Not perfect for Enterprise or Business use.

- Overused and Abused IP Address.

- It takes lot of time to install software like cPanel, etc.

- Hard rules, Your VPS/Droplet can be terminated by mistake.

- Why their server/VPS is slow? Reason is their server is oversold. Imagine that thousands of VPS hosted on few servers. Will you get a good speed? No because of not only speed will be slow but also bandwidth speed will be slow


Benefit of using Dewlance? (Alternative of Vultr and DigitalOcean)

- Fast speed.

- Server are not oversold. They make enough profit by selling without overselling while other popular provider sell at very cheap price and they are forced to oversell while Dewlance sell at only $1 extra for maintaining quality and speed.

- Less users, Excellent bandwidth speed.

- They care about customer.

Dewlance is a DigitalOcean killer and Vultr Killer. Setup and Speed is so fast. You can try and also get free $10 credits. Open a ticket with "Vultr Do Killer offer" and you will get $10 credits to your account. For new customers.

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